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Level 2 Electrician - ASP2

AusGrid Certified ASP2 LVL2 Electricians


What is a Level 2 Electrician or ASP2? A LVL2 electrician is someone who can connect wires from the supply poles on the street to the customer’s house. These cables are always live and can not be turned off so they are much more dangerous to work on. As a result, you need to have a specialised licence and be authorised by AusGrid and the Department of Fair Trading to carry out Level 2 Electrical work. Normal electricians can not touch any wiring from the meter back to the street. This is where you need an ASP2 or Level 2 Electrician.


At Sparky Nearby we have Level 2 Electricians who can do over head ASP2 work which is from power poles to your house or building.


We are also accredited ASP2 Level 2 Electricians who can do underground cable connections from the street to your building.


Commonly in storms we get customers who have trees fall over and break a cable that leads in to their property. Their normal electrician is not able to fix this as it is an unmetered live cable from the street. Sparky Nearby are able to come out and connect you back up to the network again by running a new cable across to the AusGrid supply wires.


At Sparky Nearby we provide 24/7 Emergency Level 2 Electricians that you can rely on to come out urgently attend your property to get your power back on, fast!

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