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We Provide Fast, Clean and Professional Residential Electrical Services

Do you have old cabling or porcelain fuses? You might need some rewiring or a switchbaord upgrade. Would you like some new internal or external lighting installed? Perhaps you’d be interested in wireless home automation controlled by your smart phone? Look no further than Sparky Nearby, supplying Sydney homes with their electrical service for decades.

We pride ourselves on delivering an entire, value-adding job to our clients and their homes. We understand that for most people, their home is their biggest investment which is why it’s important to us too. Knowing that you electrical system is safe and up to date can give you peace of mind and ensure your investment continues to grow. At Sparky Nearby, we want to give you the best quality, fastest service for the most affordable price, simple as that.

We promise highest quality service and equipment for your job, and will leave your home even cleaner than it was before the job began. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any electrical service your home needs today.

Here are just some of the services we offer:

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24/7 Emergency Service

At Sparky Nearby we understand that sometimes your power goes out in the middle of a dinner party on a saturday night and you need an electrician pronto! Thanks to Sparky Nearby’s around the clock service, we’ll be there to save the day!

Switchboard Upgrades

Has your home got an original fuse board? Do you have Safety Switches or just circuit breakers? If your switchboard is out of date your home could be at risk of fire and you could be at risk of electrocution! Call Sparky Nearby today for an electrical checkup and protect your investment AND your family.

Wireless Home Automation

There are now a number of options for ‘Smart Homes’ where you can actually control your house’s electrical system direct from your mobile phone. No more getting up to turn the lights off  before bed or even save power by pressing one button to turn all the lights off when you leave the house. These systems can also add security to your home while you’re away by having lights come on at scheduled times throughout the home to give the impression that you’re still there.

Repairs Maintenance & Upgrades

Have you got cracked or blackened powerpoints? Light switch starting to pop out? Downlight globes blowing too regularly? Or just want a shiny new feature light fitting installed? Call Sparky Nearby over to assess and repair your electrical maintenance and upgrades today.

Garden & Decking Lighting

We can design and install an outdoor lighting system to light up your outdoor dining area or to brighten up the other half of your home, the garden. Uplights look great on overhanging trees and are a much nicer way to illuminate the yard for a BBQ or party. What’s more, we can wire it in low voltage cabling which is safe for gardening around with shovels and other tools.

Old Cables / Rewiring

Many homes in and around Sydney still have their original wiring which in the worst case can mean that they wires are only insulated by cotton! Which simply out, is very outdated and a severe fire risk. If your home was built before 1980 give us a call to get your wiring system checked out to know if you’re safe.

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