Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans

Getting Hot? Stay cooool with a new Ceiling Fan!❄☃

Ceiling fans are great. Call us to get one installed starting at only 390% plus GST this Spring 2019! Check out these reasons why to get a fan installed today!

  1. Energy Savings 💰💰😁 – We all know how costly running an AC system is but did you know that ceiling fans run at a fraction of the cost? The average AC uses 5600 watts of power when running. A ceiling fan will usually run at ONLY 60 WATTS! They’re so cheap to run, that if you left a 60-watt fan on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it would still only cost $168.20! – The 5.6Kw AC would have cost a whopping $15698 in that time!!! You’ve seen the numbers, I know what I’d be choosing!
  2. Healthier than Air Conditioners – Ceiling Fans are often a healthier alternative to AirCon as they don’t dry out or drastically drop the air temperature which often leads to people getting colds. Some Aircon machines even have scarier medical conditions like legionnaires disease to worry about if they’re not properly serviced. So why not play on the safe side and keep it simple and efective with a Ceiling Fan?
  3. They Save on Your Heating Bill in Winter Too! – Many people don’t know that ceiling fans also have a massive benefit in winter too! Most ceiling fans have a summer / winter switch. This allows the fan to spin in reverse, which is designed to push the hot air from which has risen to the ceiling, back down to you. Give it a try, you’ll be surprised how well it works!  
  4. Silent Operation – New ceiling fans these days run whisper quiet. Through better developed fan blades and motors, there has been a massive improvement.


So if you’re fed up with being hot and bothered this summer, give Sparky Nearby a call TODAY to come and install your new Ceiling Fan!

Getting Hot? Get a Ceiling Fan!

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