LED Downlight Upgrades

LED Downlights

Did you know that LED light fittings use up to 5 times less electricity than conventional halogen globes?


What’s more they’re safer, require less maintenance and usually pay for themselves with the savings within a year of install! Check out the three main reasons to change your conventional light globes over to LEDs below:

  1. Energy saving – LED lighting uses significantly less energy than halogen lamps because instead of using heat to emit light, they use an electronic circuit board.


  1. Reduced cost of maintenance – Unlike halogen downlights, LEDs have a much longer life span and with normal use in a domestic setting could last up to 10-15 years.


  1. Safety benefits– LED downlights have a much lower operating temperature than their halogen counterparts. This reduces the likelihood of any temperature related damage that may occur to the property (including fire).


There are two main ways to change over to LEDs, we can either retrofit your existing light fittings with LED globes and Transformers (the transformer is important as this is what gives the LED it’s extra long life, don’t be tempted to use LED globes that use the same old halogen transformer as they will have significantly lower advantages) or alternatively, we can install brand new dedicated LED light fittings designed specifically for LED use. Total replacement of fittings like this is usually the optimum option and will require an electrician to carry out the upgrade. Give us a call today for a quote!

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