5 Tips From A Residential Electrician To Help Reduce Your Power Bills


Electricity costs today are driving up household spending, making more and more people concerned about their utility bills. “How can I lower my energy consumption?” is one of the most common questions asked of many residential electrical services in Sydney. There is therefore a pressing need to learn about energy saving strategies. Here is some of the advice our residential electrician has to offer:

1. Make lifestyle changes

Even small, no-cost changes in your day-to-day activities can go a long way in lowering your expenses. Expert residential electricians suggest you can enjoy significant energy savings by doing things differently in the following areas:

Around the home:

  • Turn off all unnecessary lights
  • Use task lights where possible
  • Switch off appliances from the wall to prevent standby power consumption

In the kitchen:

  • Try to use the dishwasher only when it’s full
  • Keep the fridge and freezer at right temperature settings – fridge to 3°C and freezer between -15°C and -18°C

In the bathroom:

  • Take shorter hot showers

In the laundry:

  • Use cold water for washing and run the machine only with a full load
  • Dry clothes on the line instead of in the dryer

For heating and cooling:

  • In winter, keep the thermostat between 18-20°C and in summer, between 25-27°C
  • Keep your blinds and curtains shut during a hot day
  • Keep doors closed to rooms where heating or cooling is on

2. Get lighting upgrades

Residential electrical contractors all over Australia are helping people switch to LED lights, and for good reason. Compared to halogen or incandescent bulbs, LED lights use around 80% less energy, which means bigger savings on your electricity bills. Upgrading or replacing your lighting fixtures to LED could make all the difference to your power bills.

3. Use ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are a cheaper alternative to your aircon. They can be used with or without your aircon to help keep you cool. Since fans circulate air around the room, using them alongside your aircon can reduce your cooling system’s workload, thereby increasing its efficiency. Residential electrical services near you can easily install ceiling fans around your home so that you can enjoy substantial energy savings.

4. Utilise smart technology in your home

Residential electrical services have several smart options to offer which can lower your energy consumption. Home systems can be automated to switch off lights when rooms are unoccupied. Smart power boards are available which automatically cut electricity to appliances when they are on standby. A Sydney residential electrician can even install timers and sensors for outdoor lighting, so that lights only turn on when required.

5. Don’t neglect service and maintenance

Outdated or faulty electrical appliances and systems drain energy. Residential electrical maintenance helps in identifying and then rectifying or replacing the outdated or faulty components. Arranging routine inspections by residential electricians near you can thereby increase your home’s energy efficiency.

It goes without saying that energy bills form a major chunk of your household budget. With electricity price hikes, it only makes sense to proactively reduce your energy consumption. Making changes to your habits, as well as enlisting the help of residential electrical contractors near you, will help you achieve your energy efficiency goals.

For expert residential electrical contractors in Sydney and surrounds, contact Sparky Nearby. We offer a range of repair, upgrade and maintenance services to keep your electrical systems working smoothly.