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I was referred to Sparky Nearby by a work mate and am very glad he did! I needed same day restoration of lighting after a power failure! Claire was awesome - friendly and professional, called ahead and was on time and did a great job. Would highly recommend Tom and his team!

Brendan Barry
Brendan Barry Posted on Google

Zach & Will arrived on time and completed the work promptly in time quoted. Very professional and polite and left everything clean and tidy. Would definitely recommend Sparky Nearby - go local 👍

Cindy Tate Posted on Google

The team were phenomenal! They were prompt and efficient, even going above and beyond what was originally required to fix adhoc items they saw without being asked. 100% would use their services again.

Madeline Urbina Posted on Google

I spoke to Tom who sent Claire out to install a new exhaust fan after the very old one finally died. Claire arrived on time and in less than 20 minutes had the new fan installed. She left the bathroom clean and even took the old fan away. Job done quickly and at a reasonable price. New fan works perfectly. I recommend Sparky Nearby who has also completed jobs at my church with the same efficiency.

EDDIE BOSCH Posted on Google

Second time I trusted them with a job and it was very well done. They are super profesional. They made it easy to schedule a time and they quickly responded to enquiries or adjust without problems. They work fast by bringing a team. Next time I need electrical work I'll be calling them again.

Mauro Fernandez Posted on Google

Absolutely awesome blokes. Super quick to setup a time to come by, arrived on time as advised and were quick to change the light and fitting. Biggest legends, even cleaned the mess as well and left the place spotless. 10/10 would recommend! Your happy customer

Craig Fine Posted on Google

Tom and the team are fantastic! They are so quick to respond, very cheery and easy to deal with and do a great job every time we need any electrical work done. Our recent lighting installation looks great!

Rachel Forbes Posted on Google

It was a pleasure to have Claire do this work. Well done - efficient - and nothing too much trouble.👍

Judith Brimer Posted on Google

Fuse Board Upgrades

Did you know that more than 70% of all house fires originate at the main switchboard?

Has your home got an original fuse board? Do you have Safety Switches or just circuit breakers? If your switchboard is out of date your home could be at risk of fire and you could be at risk of electrocution! In short, you need a switchboard upgrade in Sydney. Here are a few of the most common faults and risks we see with switchboard upgrades in Sydney:

  1. Porcelain Rewireable Fuses – If you still have any of these old porcelain rewireable fuses in your switchboard then you really should get an electrician out to upgrade them to RCD Safety Switches. The problem with fuses is that they offer no protection against electric shock. What’s more, they’re designed to protect your cables from catching on fire but they are actually one of the leading causes of house fires because people who aren’t properly trained often install the wrong size fuse wire. Additionally, these fuses are all so old now that they almost certainly have severe signs of wear and tear which also can cause fires through bad contacts sparking.
  2. Circuit Breakers, but No Safety Switches – Think that your switchboard is A-OK because you have circuit breakers installed? Well did you know that circuit breakers have been forbidden on power and light circuits since 2001? It has long been a legal requirement for light and power circuits to have a RCD Safety Switch protecting them. The reason for this is that circuit breakers only offer the same level of protection as the old rewireable fuses (reducing likelihood of overload and fire), but they offer no protection against electric shock to humans and pets, which is of course even more important than saving the house!
  3. Faulty Earth System – The earthing system in a house is sometimes described as the ‘safety wire’ as it is where faulty or incorrect currents flow and allow RCD Safety switches and circuit breakers to turn off when there is a short circuit or a faulty appliance. Without a fully functional earthing system, you and your family could be in very real danger. Many houses have either a damaged, corroded or just simply undersized main earthing conductors. When a Sparky Nearby technician assess your switchboard, he or she will always check on the earthing system of the house and present their recommendations.
  4. Flammable Switchboard Enclosure – It was very common for switchboards to be installed in a timber box with timber doors on the front of them to hide the messy wiring and look of electrical equipment. The problem is that as switchboards are where most house fires start, if you have a few wires catch on fire, then the whole box goes up in flames just adding fuel to the fire! Timber enclosures have long since been banned under Australian Wiring Standards (AS/NZS 3000:2018) and even worse than the timber is the fact that they were almost always lined with Asbestos Sheet Fibro. For these reasons, Sparky Nearby specialise in removing these old enclosures safely and installing steel switchboard enclosures that are custom made to your size and colour preference.

So if you’re not 100% sure about the quality of your switchboard and its enclosure, Call Sparky Nearby today for an electrical checkup and protect your investment AND your family from electrocution and fire.

Why Should I Bother with RCD Safety Switch Installation in Sydney? Because you don't want to cook like a sausage. Check out this video below!

Switchboard Upgrade Sydney - Get a new switchboard and safety switches installed today!