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Tom Metzner

Principal / Managing Director

Tom has been working as an electrician in the Sydney Eastern beaches area for 14 years and knows just about all there is to know about domestic renovations and maintenance in the electrical field. After working for the Bruce Scott & Co electrical company for 6 years, Tom bought the business and rebranded as Sparky Nearby. Tom brought attention for detail and customer focus to the new business and Sparky Nearby continue to provide their customers with the same excellence that was available from the Bruce Scott & Co company and more.


Bruce Scott

Previous Business Owner / Consultant Electrician

Bruce was the owner of Bruce Scott & Co which gained a highly regarded reputation among real estate agents and private customers in the Eastern Beaches area. After working with Tom closely for 7 years, he decided to retire from daily duties and pass the reins on to Tom’s capable hands. He has 46 years of experience as an electrical contractor and knows just about every trade secret there is to know. His position in the company is a consultant electrician who works side by side with us on bigger jobs which need an extra set of hands or a second opinion on how best to carry out the works.

Zach Hodgson

Qualified Electrician

Zach started his apprenticeship with the team at Sparky Nearby and is now a senior electrician in the team after going through Tom’s rigorous training regime and passing all his TAFE courses with excellent results. Zach brings a lot of experience to the team as he has a background in customer service which is one our core principles at Sparky Nearby. With his high attention to detail and positive work attitude, we look forward to working with him for many years to come.

William Knapp

Mature Aged Apprentice

Will is a 30 year old from New Zealand (but don’t hold that against him). He has a background in high attention to detail jobs like working on packing parachutes for sky-diving, which leave no margin for error. He also has a background in running commercial kitchens so he has an eye for efficiency which means he can get jobs done as fast as possible to pass the savings on to our customers. As a mature aged apprentice he’ll be going through the Sparky Nearby intensive training system and should be signed off very soon!

Sophie Ryan

Office Manager

With the ever-increasing workload that Tom is up against, it was time to get some help in the office so he could do more of the Electrician work that he is best at. Thankfully we found Sophie and she’s getting more emails replied to and quotes typed up than we’ve ever done! If you ring up, it’s most likely you’ll be chatting with her, but if you need to speak to an electrician she’ll get Tom or one of the team to call you back as soon as possible!

Lachlan Wiles

 Mature Aged Apprentice

Lachlan is our newest addition to the team and brings a range of skills that are highly useful. He has a few years experience working in other residential teams and but also has a background of working at heights in a tree lopping company and is a licenced truck driver.