4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Switchboard

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Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade The Switchboard In Your Home

The safety of your home and family is paramount, so of course you want to do everything possible to avoid hazards and safety risks. Among many other safety measures you need to take, you should never overlook repair, maintenance or upgrades of your home’s electrical fittings and systems – especially the switchboard. 

The switchboard relays electricity to different outlets and circuits throughout your home, and is an integral part of the electrical system. However, a faulty switchboard can cause irreversible damage.

Let’s dig a bit deeper and try to find out why upgrading a switchboard is a good idea.

Updated Electrical Safety Standards In Australia

Over the years, Australia has seen many changes in wiring standards, work practices, and overall electrical safety requirements. 

According to current electrical safety standards, it is a requirement for all power circuits to have safety switches installed. These switches quickly cut the power supply to your home whenever an electrical fault is detected, and they safeguard your property from  potential electrical hazards.

Circuit breakers and fuses are often used for protection against electrical overload, and while they can do the job, switchboards with safety switches are more efficient. New style switchboards can cut the power in roughly 0.03 seconds of a detected problem, and offer better safety against potential hazards.

To make sure your property meets the modern-day safety standards, get in touch with our qualified team today and upgrade your switchboard.

Sparky Nearby's Electrician Claire Walsh Upgrading the switchboard

(Sparky Nearby servicing a  switchboard)

 Protection Against Potential Fires and Electrocution

One of the major reasons to upgrade your switchboard is to get better protection against electrocution and potential fires. This call happen due to faulty fuses and degrading wiring. Electric shocks can be fatal, so being proactive can save a life.

A slightly loose or worn connection is all it takes for electricity to arc or spark. Corroded wiring in your switchboard also causes the risk of arcing, and excess heat produced in the process can lead to a fire.

Another reason to inspect your switchboard is to find out if it is housed inside an old-style, flammable enclosure. These enclosures are timber boxes lined with Asbestos Sheet Fibro and are highly inflammable.  It is necessary to replace these enclosures if you still have them in your home, as they no longer meet the safety standard in Australia.

Asbestos Used In Fuse Boards Is A Health Risk

As stated above, old fuse boards used asbestos in their backing panels. Most people are aware that asbestos is a potential health risk. If the panel gets damaged or some work needs to be done on the board, the residents and workers are exposed to dangerous asbestos fibers. It is better to upgrade your switchboard to avoid this, by a professional using necessary safety equipment.

Ceramic Fuses Aren’t Safe

You can’t expect the same level of protection from old-style ceramic fuses as offered by the modern-day circuit breakers. The need to change those fuses often used to be a hassle too. It may look simple, but when not done properly, you risk serious overheating and fires.

Often, the old ceramic fuses are not capable of managing the load placed by modern home appliances either. The increase in demand may lead to repeatedly blown fuses because the circuits are not able to cope. A simple switchboard upgrade can save your day.

If you need to upgrade the switchboard, always call in professional electricians to keep your home safe.

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