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Things You Should Do Before Arriving Of Emergency Electrician


Electrical emergencies can occur at any time, but what is the best course of action if you are caught out by one? Having a trusted electrician who provides 24/7 electrical services in your contacts list is our recommendation; however there are times when you will need to contact emergency services.

Keep a fire extinguisher nearby, and read through the below situations to know who to call, and when.

1. Electrical Fire

Unplug the appliance that is causing the fire if it is safe to do so, but continue to do so with caution. To put out any small flames, use a fire extinguisher immediately; otherwise, call the fire department. Also, don’t forget to shut off the mains switch at the switch box before you leave the area. Once the fire department has deemed the area safe to return to, an electrician can be organised to repair your electrical systems if necessary.

2. Fallen Power Lines

Due to the extremely high voltage present in fallen power lines, there is a great risk of electrocution. Keep at least 40 metres away from the downed power lines while you call 000 or your electricity distributor. A level 2 electrician will work with the electricity company to get your power lines or fallen poles back to safe working order.

3. Electric Shocks

In case of an electric shock emergency, don’t touch the person who has just been shocked. Call for immediate emergency medical assistance. Turn off the electricity at the circuit breaker to remove any potential threats. Once any medical emergencies are taken care of, a 24/7 electrician can be organised to identify and repair the cause of the shock.

4. Short Circuits

Turn off the main power of the house to ensure your safety. There is no need to call the fire emergency services if there is no fire as a result of the short circuit. You can solve this urgent electrical issue by simply calling a 24/7 emergency electrician.

5. Power Outage

In case of a power outage, determine whether your home is the only one affected or the entire neighbourhood. If your home is the only one without power, try resetting your circuit breaker. If it doesn’t work, switch off all electrical devices, outlets, and lights and call for emergency electrical assistance.


Electrical problems occur when you least expect them. The Sparky Nearby 24/7 emergency electricians are just a phone call away, ready to help whenever you need us.