How Bad Is Old Wiring? Do I Really Need To Rewire?

We often get asked, “why should I spend money getting my old cabling replaced?” Or, “how bad can the old cables actually be?” Well, this is a good example of what we find all the time in people’s roofs, walls and under their floors.


This apartment block has original rubber wiring left from the 1940s which is a major fire risk. Not only has the insulation melted off to expose the bare wires which could short out and start a spark at any time, but the rubber insulation itself is flammable so once it does start burning it will spread along the rest of the cable run from room to room.


Ultimately the cost of removing old cables like these is far cheaper than the cost of rebuilding after a fire! If your home was built before 1985 you might have rubber, or even cotton insulated cables. Give Sparky Nearby’s highly trained electricians a call today for a free Electrical Safety Report where we will check your wiring to see if there are any of these dangerous cable types still hidden in the walls, floor and roof.




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