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Ways To Save Your Property’s Electrical System From Storm Damage

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Storms are not only scary, they can also cause a number of electrical problems on your property. While it is common to face a sudden power outage during or after a heavy storm, this is not the only electrical problem people can experience.

There are many other ways storms can damage your property’s electrical system, so we encourage you to take some precautionary measures and save yourself from unforeseen difficulties.

Having an emergency electrician on call means there is someone you can trust to assist you with power failures, and make sure you and your property remain safe against potential electrical hazards. We have been servicing the Eastern Suburbs for many years now, and have seen it all!

Here are some of the ways a local emergency electrician can save you from common storm disasters.

Protection From Electrical Surges

Power surges are caused by an unexpected increase in voltage. During a heavy storm, when lightning directly strikes your property or falls somewhere nearby, it creates a power surge. This can damage electrical appliances that are connected to your property’s electrical wiring and even have the potential to ruin the entire electrical system of your home or business.

An emergency electrician can install a surge protector which gives added protection against power surges. Alternatively, you can ask your electrician to install a lightning arrester that diverts the electricity to a safe ground away from your house or commercial space.

Install A Backup Generator

What’s the most common electrical issue you have faced during a storm? Most likely a power outage.

Even though there can be a number of reasons behind power failures during stormy weather; most of the time downed power lines are the main culprit. This usually happens when trees fall due to strong winds, causing damage to the power supply lines. While such a situation is neither predictable nor preventable, you can arrange for a backup generator to help you through a sudden power outage in your area. Once the storm has passed, a local emergency electrician will be on the case to fix the downed power lines and resume your power supply.

Electrical Safety Inspections To Prevent Short Circuits

Continuous rainfall sometimes causes your roof to leak. If water comes in contact with the faulty or exposed wiring, there is a high chance of a short circuit to some part, or all of your property. Not only will that cause inconvenience, but it can also turn into a potential fire hazard if the affected wire still has power in it.

The best way to prevent short circuits is to have your wiring inspected by a trusted local electrician and to leak-proof your property. Even after all the preventative measures, short circuits still sometimes happen. Therefore, as soon as you experience a short circuit during or shortly after a heavy storm, immediately call your local emergency electrician and have the problem sorted before it escalates.

At Sparky Nearby, our team of licensed emergency electricians is just a call away to assist you with electrical emergencies during heavy storms in Sydney and the Eastern Suburbs. If you doubt that the storm has damaged your property’s electrical wiring, we offer complete electrical inspections to make sure you, your family, and your coworkers remain safe around your property.

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