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4 Signs You Need to Hire a Residential Electrician for Rewiring Your Sydney Home

Electrician for Rewiring Your Sydney Home

Home wiring faults can be difficult to identify. Homeowners usually pick up on wiring faults when electrical issues damage their home appliances, or when they need to replace too many blown out bulbs. Outdated and deteriorated wiring can also be a fire hazard and may put you and your family at risk. Don’t wait before the damage is done to call a residential electrician for your Sydney home. Some of these signs might indicate there’s a problem with your home wiring: 

What Exactly is Home Rewiring?

The process of stripping and relaying most or all of a property’s electrical wires to ensure they adhere to the Australian Government standards is known as home rewiring. It may also include rearranging or replacing your electrical panel with a larger one in order to keep up with the demand of the electrical system. Sparky Nearby can provide not only the best rewiring service but also any other residential electrical services in Sydney and the Eastern Suburbs that you might need in your home. Our expert team of licensed residential electricians is ready to assist you with efficient and high-quality services.

How Often Should a House Be Rewired?

Wiring requirements change dramatically over time, so many homeowners decide to rewire their homes every 20 years or so. To be safe, it’s best to have an expert residential electrician inspect your Sydney home every decade to ensure that it still meets Australian electrical standards and your personal requirements.

Electrician for   Rewiring Your Sydney Home

Signs That Tell You It’s Time for Home Rewiring

1. Dim or Flickering Lights

Flickering or dimming of lights are one of the most common signs that your home needs to be rewired. When a light brightens, it is receiving too much voltage, and when it dims, it is not receiving enough. While it is common to believe that there is a problem with the lightbulb, this type of spike or drop in power is typically associated with loose wiring or faulty circuits and should be checked as soon as possible. Sparky Nearby’s qualified domestic electricians can inspect your home and determine the source of the problem.

2. Tripping Circuit Breakers

Circuit breaker boxes are extremely useful in preventing electrical fires. However, older boxes or those with worn connectors, present potential fire hazards. Our home electrician in Sydney can investigate frequently tripping circuits. This could be a result of faulty electrical appliances or problems with your home’s wiring.

3. A faint burning smell

When an electrical short occurs near your switches, a small fire usually produces a faint burning smell. If you notice a burning smell but cannot pinpoint the source, your wiring may be shorting behind your walls or beneath your floors. Contact Sparky Nearby if you smell any unidentified burning smell. One of our highly-qualified domestic electricians can assess the issue for you and provide potential solutions.

4. Outlets or switches that are discoloured

Discoloured or blackened electrical outlets and switches are a clear indication of sparking and the need for rewiring in your home. Sparking can result from a loose connection or faulty wiring near an outlet or switch, potentially leading to a small fire. This small fire discolours the surface of the outlet and should be inspected right away.

Home rewiring is an important task that should be performed by a professional electrician. Sparky Nearby is here to help, whether you need your home rewired or require other residential electrical services in Sydney. Call us today!

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