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Qualities of a Reliable Strata Electrician

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4 Things To Look For In A Strata Electrician

Choosing a strata electrician to look after your building can seem like a big decision. This company will be responsible for electrical work affecting many people, so ideally you would like someone who will do a good job with minimal disruptions.

Having an electrician you can trust for strata electrical work such as maintenance checks and upgrades means your building (and those occupying it) is well looked after. 

Here are a few significant qualities to look for when hiring a strata electrician:

Round The Clock Availability

Electrical problems can arise without prior warning and need urgent attention. As a strata manager, the responsibility falls on your shoulders to ensure fast and efficient electrical repair work before the problem intensifies. If there’s a damaged circuit breaker or an exposed wire, you cannot take the risk of delaying the repair work until the next business day.

In order to avoid such a situation, make sure your strata electrician offers a 24/7 service, 365 days a year (that’s us!). 

Wide Scope Of Services

Another standout quality to look for in a strata electrician is the scope of services that they offer. Since buildings can vary from old to modern design and construction, the ideal strata electrician should be able to handle all the different types of repairs, installations, maintenance, and upgrades – regardless of the building’s age. 

Before hiring a strata electrician, make sure they cater to the following common strata electrical services:

  •         Common area lighting
  •         Emergency lighting
  •         Smoke alarm testing and installation
  •         LED lighting installation
  •         Rewiring services
  •         Main switchboard upgrades
  •         Security light installation and upgrades

Local and Contactable

Hiring a company local to your area will ensure a quick response to both standard maintenance requests and emergency callouts. Your strata electrician should be able to give you their 24/7 phone number in case of emergencies.

Sparky Nearby is a reputable name in strata electrical services in the Eastern Suburbs and the surrounding areas, which is trusted by a number of strata management companies.

Licensed And Accredited 

Whether the work request is for insurance, emergency or standard repair work, enlisting qualified tradespeople is the only way to go. Licensed and authorised strata electricians will hold all the necessary insurance and accreditation to be able to complete the requested work, and be able to provide you with any relevant paperwork and invoices for your records.

Find The Best Strata Electrician

Strata management brings along multiple responsibilities, making it even more important to have a qualified strata electrician on board. Contracting a trusted electrical company and knowing your buildings will be well looked after will relieve a lot of burden from your shoulders. 

Get in touch with Sparky Nearby, your reliable and experienced strata electrician in the Eastern Suburbs.

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