Sparky Nearby’s ASP2-Certified Electricians Can Do it All


Sparky Nearby is now an Authorised Service Provider 2

Have you got a power line down from a storm? Or a rusted out old meter board that needs replacement? For a long time now we’ve had customers asking us if we are or ASP2 electricians or can do Level 2 Electrical work, and NOW WE CAN! 🥳
What is ASP2 or LVL2 electrical work? Generally speaking, it is connecting the power cables from the street poles or underground connection point to your house. It also includes replacing meters.
Why would I need an ASP2? This is a highly restricted form of electrical work that is certified directly by AusGrid and the Department of Fair Trading. Standard electricians can’t work on unprotected mains or touch electricity meters.

 Why is ASP2 work so highly regulated? Well, there are a few reasons:

1. As ASP2 jobs deal with the power lines in from the street power-poles, the work is almost always live, with no switch to turn the cables off that we’re working on to make them safe. As a result, we have to wear lots of costly safety gear to stop us getting electrocuted or blinded by an arc flash.
2. We’re either working about 10 metres up on a pole, or in confined spaces underground. This means specialised equipment like harnesses and speciality ladders but also a second assistant for emergency recovery in case something goes wrong as the risks are so high.

3. ASP2 sparkies are dealing with electricity before the meter. This means if it is connected wrongly, the customer won’t get charged the correct amount, or even at all (which obviously the energy companies don’t like very much!).
So if you need a switchboard replaced that has meters in it, or if your power lines fall down in a storm, give us a call at Sparky Nearby, and we’ll be there to help out.
Tom Metzner working at electric pole